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Birds flying high…

The other day I was driving around when a bald eagle flew over me. Not way up high in the sky, but right down in the trees where I could see him. Not only did he cross my path once, but twice; as if making sure I took note of his presence. He left the tree he was in, flew across my path, then turned back to his perch. So, you know what that means.

Segue to last night. I’m binging a Netflix show, “Obliterated.” it starts out as I expected so I settle in. Action, humor, music and a rapidly building tenseness. Nice. Our heroes do their hero thing but it’s not yet over, because they find themselves staring at ticking time bomb. A big one. Enter Haggerty; one thumb, sorely abused brain cells, bomb defusing genius.

Up to this point, I was getting what I expected. But when Haggerty took a moment (with only about 4 moments left) to pick “the perfect song” I had a near spiritual moment. Silly, right?

Now, I’ve never actually listened to a Micheal BublĂ© song so I had to look it up. But the song, the task, the background scene and Haggerty’s ability to maintain a perspective impossible for us mere mortals created a psychosis of perfection.

And psychosis it was. According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition


  1. An acute or chronic mental state marked by loss of contact with reality…
  2. Mental constitution or condition
  3. A change in the field of consciousness

And that’s where the lesson is hidden, buried in plain sight under a pile of meaningless entertainment. Not following me yet? Let’s try some trite, pop philosophy instead.

“When life isn’t going right, go left.”

“Maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit.”

“When they expect you to zig, zag instead.”

“Be a disrupter”

“The whole world’s crazy but me and you, and I ain’t so sure about you…”

Sometimes, your problem is easy. It’s the noise you have to tune out. The nay-sayers, the non-believers, the frightened. Even if their fear is well founded and well-intended, it can still be ill-advised. When the whole world is crazy, the only thing you can do is create your own, private universe; your own little time bubble where the rules are yours and yours alone.

The bald eagle is a sign of many things, most prominent are strength, focus, determination and divine oversight. The flip-side of that coin is, you’re about to need it. While I haven’t the physical, mental or emotional capacity to party like Haggerty, I, and we, can still take a lesson from his pre-party approach to life. Forget that there’s a clock, step back, take a breath, choose the perfect soundtrack, hold nothing back and focus on that bomb some thoughtless prick decided to drop in the middle of your otherwise perfect life…

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Birds flying high…

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